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Bad Hat fire
tet'nus art car
& sister rusty

Fire Performance Troupe


Flaming Art Car with lounge, DJ booth / dance floor


Based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, we are an eclectic group of hard-working, hard-playing people who share the love of fire and movement. 

We would love to add to the entertainment at your next event or gathering so please fill out the contact form at the bottom to talk to one of our organizers.

ABOUT bad hat fire!

Upcoming Events

Bad Hat's happening!
Check out our dates! When can you come play? 
When can we come play with you!??
Calendar of events

April 19 & 20 - TomTom Block Party - Rusty and Bad Hat - Downtown Cville

May 25-26 - C'ville Arts Fest - Rusty and Bad Hat at iX 


June 15-16 - Fae Fest -  Tet'nus and Bad Hat at iX

Aug 3 - Rusty's Ready to Roll Party at IX - all the things


Oct 26 - Fantasy Fest - Rusty and Bad Hat at iX (but less than 10/7)


about tet'nus flaming art car

Born out of a country home basement, Tet'nus is a machine built to impress.  Back lounge seats six. Top floor houses either DJ space or dance floor.  She has a delicate shag-lined roof, playful lighting, and of course, flaming longhorns.  She carries around her own sound-system when requested and provides a stunning backdrop to any performance.

Please fill out the contact form at the bottom to find out how she can provide an amusing accoutrement to your party space.


The rusty iris

New to our family is The Rusty Iris - a double-decker, mobile art venue whose purpose is to unite, heal, and inspire.  She's under construction at the moment and has limited availability but please check her out. Give us a buzz if you have an idea of how she could amplify YOUR grander mission.




Wendy Winkler


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For The Press

Get photos and Videos of Bad Hat Fire 

Bad Hat Fire

Bad Hat Fire

Bad Hat Fire
Bad Hat Fire Troupe - Hunter Kane Bell

Bad Hat Fire Troupe - Hunter Kane Bell

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Bad Hat Fire Troupe - Highlights

Bad Hat Fire Troupe - Highlights

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Bad Hat Fire Troupe - Slideshow

Bad Hat Fire Troupe - Slideshow

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